My name is Pipiet I was born in Indonesia, in 1989 I live in Holland in city of Amsterdam nearly 30 years, my hobby is cooking, I worked for different kind of International companies and I gave also cooking workshop at ROC Hotel School in Amsterdam with classic/authentic Indonesian food. The lastest my employee I work as Private Chef at Pepperminds International, beside my work I did my own International Culinair tour to USA,Italy, Indonesia, in 2017 I did several live cooking in Indonesia, live cooking for Food Channel Netherland. 2016-Present I have been choose as Amsbassador for World wide Chef Appreciation Awareness for Europiean and Asian division for cancer diseas by Mr. Donald L Cructh from Organisation National pink Tie headquarter in USA. 2017-2022 I have been choose as Ambassador Indonesian Chef Association for Netherland. 2018 member of Society European Culinary Germany. My motto is Food bring people together with love.
– Graduate from ROC Hotel School Amsterdam